Hart Hanson gave the keynote speech at the "Future of Story" conference at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton this weekend. Hanson is one of my favourite TV people -- I'm not quite up to date on Bones, but Traders is one of my all-time top shows. The conference was hosted by the School of Communication, and was being audio and videotaped, and photographed by journalism students, and live blogged and tweeted... and yet I don't know where all this stuff is online. So, I've transcribed the speech here.

His speech was very funny (which doesn't always come across in the transcript), and is definitely worth reading if you're interested in screenwriting. There's good advice for writing, building a career in TV, and navigating the cultural divide between Canada and the US.

Note: possible, subtle spoiler for Bones )
I got this account as a placeholder when I started my personal twitter, but haven't used it yet. I wasn't sure what my twitter would end up being used for, but thought it would be good to have somewhere to link to for longer posts. And now I've got some!

I'm transcribing one or two presentations from the Future of Story conference at MacEwan University this weekend, and will be posting those soon. The first one up will be Hart Hanson's keynote speech -- if you like Bones, or are into screenwriting or Canadian TV, this was a great presentation.


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